Givin' it Another Go

:: Clears Throat ::     I'm back!!

Ok, I'll admit I never really left. I did, however, end up first being forcibly disallowed to post to my travel blog (more on this later) and then had some major life changes which led to me not wanting to continue my blog due to certain associations I had with it (you'll have to be content with that last explanation). But, I've taken my leave, done some personal growing and searching, and am ready to give this thing another go.

I did keep a (ok, several) paper journals 'en place de' this blog, so I will be publishing them as a 'backlog' in the next couple of weeks. Also, you will likely start to see some changes with this blog, including a potential shift in platforms (I haven't decided how far my complete reclaiming is going to go yet).

Let's give it another go, eh?
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  1. Lance @ Travel Addicts Says:

    Welcome back! Look forward to reading about your new adventures!

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  8. Cez of eTramping Says:

    Still plan on revamping the blog? I hope you haven't stopped traveling!

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