The First Steps

Graduating from university and making that transition from green student to the wizened (or so they make it sound) graduate is supposed to be challenging. It's new, it's exciting, the sky is the limit! Well, the sky is the limit until you remember that this is a recession, jobs are scarce, and you have several thousand dollars worth of loans waiting to be paid back... Wasn't the recession supposed to be over by the time we graduated?

 Such is the plight of Gen Y- and Gen X-ers. We worked hard through high school to get into a good university We worked hard through university, schemed and planned to graduate post-recession, get a decent job, and make a difference in the world. But, four (or for some 5) years later here we are with our diplomas, plenty of enthusiasm and energy, and very few job opportunities. What to do next?

If they are lucky, they get a job. For the rest of us, alternative routes must be taken.  Thus, the purpose of this blog -  I hope to share my experiences of making my way through life to prepare for the future, reach my goals, and make a difference in the world!
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