Volunteering with United Planet & ICYE (ICJA)!

To catch everyone up on our current status: WE'VE FINALLY BEEN PLACED IN A VOLUNTEER PROJECT!

Dear Lex, dear Barbara,

My name is Liliane and I am working as an intern at ICJA Freiwilligenaustausch weltweit.

We are glad to inform you that we fond a project for you two. The project is called Tanzwerkstatt No Limit e.V. and is located in Berlin. You two would be living together in about 1 hour distance from the project, at the place of the project's manager.

Within the next weeks, we will send you a detailed description of the project.

Website: http://tanzwerkstatt-nolimit.de/


We are looking forward to getting to know you in January

Whooohoooo!! This placement is PERFECT! Not only were Lex and I actually placed in the same project (something we've been told, constantly, is practically impossible) and not only are were we placed in the same living quarters (also something we've been told, constantly, is practically impossible), but we will be working for a DANCE COMPANY - a dance company that specializes in Arabic/classical western dance collaboration! Also, we were placed in BERLIN - our first choice of location!

Of course, we don't know what our job responsibilities are yet. Hopefully, those details wont be so slow in arriving as our placement notification was!
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