How do you troubleshoot your itinerary on the ground?

While enjoying my coffee this morning I ran across an interview with Guardian Budget Traveler journalist Benji Lanyado on the future of budget travel with the advent of social media. (For the full interview pop on over to

Lanyado recommends using Twitter for help finding those local hidden treasures that travelers love so much. In fact, Lanyado's confidence in using Twitter to troubleshoot his travel plans is so compelling that The Guardian now runs a front page live stream, which Lanyado has dubbed TwiTrip, when he is on the road. He also goes so far as to say that travel guidebooks are facing extinction in his October 3, 2010 article about the evolution of travel resources.

In a way, Lanyado's new coping mechanism for travel makes sense.  Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter operate in real time (whereas books are out of date as soon as they are printed) and are accessed by locals (guidebooks were historically written by travel writers and foreign correspondents).  Not to mention the enormous number of users on these sites. Therefore, there certainly is great potential to gain highly specialized and up-to-dated information AND how many people recommend. However, if you don't have a smart phone/iPad/Nook/etc, using social media platforms such as Twitter when on the go is not be possible.

What do you think?
 This move to Germany will be my first chance to experience travel with a means to access such media as Twitter and Foursquare. Up until now I've been a die hard fan of the Guide Book.

What form of 'guide' do you like to use when you travel?

Want to read more by Benji Lanyado? Check out his website or find him on Twitter (@benjilanyado)
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  1. Lexa Flasher Says:

    I like google maps for finding nearby resources with my phone. Simple searching for "food" can quickly help you find that nice restaurant 2 blocks off the main drag so you can escape tourist traps. More businesses need to get their profiles up to date for this to reach it's full potential though.

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