Ten (under $10!) Stocking Stuffers for your beloved traveler.

This year, in light of our pending travels, I decided to create a list of 10 stocking stuffers (all under $10!) I would recommend for the savvy traveler.

1. No-Leak Toiletry Kit - Having your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash explode inside your toiletry bag due to cabin pressure changes can be very frustrating! Especially, if you were planing to live off those toiletries rather than buy large bottles on-site. Luckily, the company know world-wide for their No-Leak water bottles also makes TSA standard size bottles and containers for your toiletry needs! 3-1-1 Nalgene Travel Bottle Kit ($9.99)

2. Soap Sheets - If you are the type that would prefer to avoid carrying liquids through security (or if your TSA approved zip baggie is already full of other items you've deemed more important to your in-flight comfort) then Travelon soap sheets might be more your style. Thinly pressed sheets of Hand Soap, Shampoo, Body Wash, laundry soap, and even shaving soap come in compact, flip-top containers about the size of a pack of gum. Just add water and lather up! 50 sheets per package. ($2.75 - $7.99)
(These little packets are also great for  your day-pack; getting caught in the loo without soap is no fun!) 

3. Travel Toilet Paper - Getting caught in a public toilet without toilet paper can be one way of turning your excursions sour! Avoid getting caught in this less-than-ideal (ok, I'll take the pun - crappy) situation with a traveler-friendly toilet paper. ($0.99)  Pair it with a traveler-friendly pack of toilet seat covers, and keep your public toilet adventure clean and sanitary! ($3.50)

4. Outlet Adapter - I always pack at least one universal outlet adapter in my pack when I travel outside the USA. Universal adapters (adapters which can be used on varying outlet forms) can be more expensive than dedicated adapters (adapters which only work with a USA-standard pin design and one outlet form, like Australia), but most often never more than a few dollars. From my own experiences traveling to multiple countries that utilize different outlet designs (and even the the UK, where there are 2 forms used throughout the country!), those few dollars spent once saved me at least $100 in adapters on my last trip through Europe. The Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter Plug by Eforcity will allow you to 'plug in' to EU/UK/AU outlets and can receive pin designs from the same countries. Plus, it accepts plugs with grounding prongs, making this adapter good for both small and large electronics! ($3.59)

5.  Travel Security Pouch - Easily hidden pouches for emergency cash and paperwork (like a copy of your passport and credit card) are indispensable for any traveler. The come in several styles and can be worn in various location, hidden, on the body. For those who like wearing fanny-packs (sometimes called belly-bags) I would recommend the Travel Security Waist Pouch. This item can also be tied to a belt loop and worn lengthwise down the inside of a pant leg. ($8.44) For the ladies, Austin House has a security pouch which is cut to be worn inside the bra. ($6.94)

6. Laundry Kit: Washing - Laundry facilities can be expensive when traveling. If I can save a few dollars (and burn a few extra calories!) by washing my lighter/smaller clothes, such as underwear and socks, I'll happily do that to pay for a trip up the Eiffel Tower! This Lewis N. Clark Laundry Kit with Woolite comes with 8 cold wash soap packets and one large drain stopper (great for most hostel sinks or tubs!). ($10.00)

7. Laundry Kit: Drying - Dryers, particularly in Europe, can be very expensive to use. Rick Steves Travel Clothesline, weighing in at 2.2oz, stretching to 6ft,  and triple braided to negate the need for clothespins, this is the most space efficient dryer any traveler could ask for. ($9.00)

8. Travel Towel - You're probably wondering how you can get a towel into a stocking, along with all those other travel goodies. Lightload Towels travel towels are vacuum packed (and weight only .3oz!) into roughly 2in. diameter discs. Just add water and the towel will open to it's full size. These towels have been tested and reviewed in such travel and outdoor magazines as Climbing and Sailing. These towels come in many sizes including Hand Towels, Beach Towels, and Minis. Made of cellulose (not oil, like in microfiber), the Green traveler can feel good about this product, too! ($2.75 - $18.00)

9. Compression Packing Bags - These come in two forms; Vacuum and manual. I prefer manual compression bags because you can't guarantee an available vacuum in a hostel or budget hotel, but both are great investments for any traveler (and they are reusable!). I definitely recommend these for those traveling during a season change (i.e. Winter/Spring) as they will make packing your heavier clothing, like a parka, more efficient. ($7.99 - $9.86)

10. Travel Journal - Every traveler needs a way to keep a record of their experiences - my first travel journal was a Moleskine (pronounced Mol-a-skeen-a) and I can't recommend a better choice for the on-the-go traveler. These light weight, compact journals have been used by such internationally recognized artists as Ernest Hemingway, Andre Breton, and Vincent van Gogh. You can't find a better journal suited to travel! ($9.98)

If you find this useful, let me know! I might start doing these lists more often!
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