UP/ICJA 1ste Arbeitswoche (Jan. 31 - Feb. 4): DONE!

Hurrah! Ich lebe noch! (Hooray! I'm still alive!)

Our first Arbeitswoche (work week) in Germany is over, and we (Lex and I) both survived!  I confess it wasn't that strenuous. Our main 'project' this week was to help keep the studio clean during the Theaterwoche, to meet everyone working (currently) at Tanzwerkstatt, and to help out whenever the teachers asked.  This doesn't sound like very much, but trust me; 35 children (ages 4-11) being cooped up in a building for 7 hours a day means LOTS of cleaning and an extra set of hands to help is always wanted.

Berlin schools were all closed for Winterferien (Winter break) this week, so the dance studio offered a 5 day long theater day camp for children wishing to learn about performance art, crafting, and Tanzwerkstatt No Limit. The kids got to experiment with different forms of performance theatre (theatre, dance, story/radio theatre, and also crafting simple stage props and picture stories. The children had a blast dabbling in everything, and the parents really seemed to enjoy the exhibition at the end of the week. :o)

Next week is supposed to be more like the 'norm', as it won’t be a holiday week. I'm looking forward to that, as it means I'll have more to do, but also wondering just HOW strenuous it’s going to be... I don't think it will be too bad, as we are only supposed to work 35hrs/week. We are supposed to have a more ‘set’ work schedule laid out by the end of this coming week.

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