UP/ICJA Quest: Finally Settled In!

Hello Everyone!

We are finally settled into our host family...FINALLY!

Internet has been EXTREMELY 'iffy' thus far, and, though the quality of our internet will be improving now that we have moved into our host family/work project, the frequency wont be much more often. Our host family doesn't have internet at the house (which is in a small village 15 minutes north of Berlin proper) and there aren't any wifi networks near the house that we can borrow. We will, luckily, have access to internet at the dance studio. However, this means that all blog posting will be confined to those days and hours.
It's a bit strange to me that so many people seem to be adverse to having internet or to being online. The last two times I lived in Europe everyone seemed much more internet friendly (and I was in Germany both of those times). I guess this time we are interacting with a different group of people.

What about in your country? Have you noticed a trend one way or the other towards the internet and being documented online?
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