UP/ICJA 2te Arbeitswoche (Feb. 7 – Feb. 11): DONE!

Naehen, Naehen, Naehen!  (Sewing, Sewing, Sewing!)

The dance studio has a public performance in two weeks, so most of my time at work this week was spent repairing and altering costumes. The dance costumes are made from a lycra based fabric, for stretch and ease of movement. However, for some strange reason, the company that sewed the costumes for TwS (Tanzwerkstatt) used a non-stretch fabric for the chest band of the dress. Therefore, if the girls grow at all the dress no longer fits. ::sigh::  I just made a simple fix for the costumes, but I stressed to the other organizers that the chest bands need to be completely reworked with stretch fabric to make these costumes last as long as they need.

The week really wasn’t that busy. In fact, I think I would call it comfortable. I wasn’t running around like crazy, but I always had something to do, which I really liked. Next week I get to start sitting in on classes and preparing a formula for leading my own class!

Lex has also installed Wifi in the studio, so we can now check our emails and do our work from our own laptops! Woohoo!
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