UP/ICJA Quest: London, January 18th.

We arrived in London on January 18th; no delays or any other mishaps. We stayed at the White Ferry Hostel, which is about an 8 minute walk from the Victoria Coach (bus) Station. Though our flight was uneventful, neither Lex nor I managed to get much sleep. Lex, swearing he was the most tired of the two of us, insisted that he needed a nap before the evening's festivities. I, being quite tired but even more hungry, went in search for food.

One of the hostel employees directed me to a chippy just down the street, promising tasty and authentic (and budget friendly) fish & chips.  After splitting a very affordable (~3GBP) pile of chips and slice of lightly battered first that was about the length of my thigh, we headed off to the Victoria Apollo Theatre to catch our evening's entertainment.

We saw Wicked (third row stalls, oh yeah!), and I was very pleased that Lex enjoyed it as much as he did. We both grew up around/in theatre and, therefore, tend to be hard to please. ;o) He was impressed enough to want to try and catch some of the performers as they left the building, though, so I definitely consider that positive feedback.

If you haven't had the opportunity to see Wicked yet, I highly encourage you to try and catch it while it is on tour this year! The script/story of Wicked: The Musical follows the more light-hearted style of L. Frank Baum's series about Oz, not the darker writing style of Gregory MacGuire. So, even if you weren't a fan of MacGuire's style, chances are you will still love the musical. Also, seeing the set, props, and costumes are worth a mid-priced ticket and should keep you entertained for the entire show. (There are multiple costume changes in a cast of at least 20 people, and each costume is specific to the scene.)

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